Fine Foods

Safe, delicious food to enliven everyday meals

Responding to the rising demand for healthy daily fare, DHC Fine Foods are made from carefully selected high-quality materials, free of artificial flavorings or chemical additives. From staples like germinated rice to side dishes, seasonings, beverages and snacks, and water, a fundamental source of human health, all DHC food products are made with a special emphasis on taste and health.


Fine Foods

DHC Deep Sea Water

Exclusively sourced from Japan's deepest* water wells, located 800 meters below sea level along Izu's Akazawa coast, DHC Deep Sea Water is deliciously refreshing, gulp after gulp. DHC is company to handle all aspects of the production of its deep sea water, including sourcing, processing, and bottling at its own plant.

*Among 15 deep sea water wells located on land (based on a survey on the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society website, as of February 2017)



DHC Germinated Brown Rice

DHC's Germinated Brown Rice product line is produced at the Naganuma Plant in Hokkaido, which has been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. DHC offers multiple healthy rice products polished to different grades to suit a broad range of tastes. We have also developed a wide range of products made using germinated brown rice.

DHC発芽玄米 1kg
発芽パワー。高まる栄養価! ギャバ強化で20倍! おいしい健康玄米
DHC発芽胚芽米 1kg
DHC極旨(ごくうま) 発芽米 1kg
北海道産ゆめぴりか100%! 発芽パワーを白米のおいしさで


DHC's Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won 33 awards*.

By definition, extra virgin olive oil is the first pressing of oil harvested and processed according to specified methods to maintain its fresh, natural flavor and resistance to oxidation. Núñez de Prado is premium-grade extra virgin olive oils made from organic olives grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or chemicals.

*Product and manufacturer awards (as of March 2018)

ヌニェス・デ・プラド エクストラバージンオリーブオイル