Message from Management

Since its founding in 1972, DHC has combined state-of-the-art research in its unrelenting pursuit of quality in order to develop unique, socially acceptable products, while sincerely listening to the voices of our many customers.

In 1980, long before the focus on skin health and safety directed trends in the natural cosmetics industry, we introduced cosmetics based on natural ingredients that were both functional and gentle to the skin. In 1995, we added health foods, which married affordability with high quality, to our offerings. Then, mirroring a new social awareness of healthy longevity, we were among the first to set our sights on an era of 100-year lifespans. Our undisputed reputation as a leader in health and beauty is grounded in the loyalty and trust of our more than 10 million customers from all over Japan.

Beauty enriches the heart, and has the power to truly move people within. We believe this enrichment derives from encounters with beauty in daily life, and aim to deepen this enrichment by providing health and beauty in the form of products that can be easily incorporated into daily life. Through our passion, expressed in our products, we aim to build a brighter and more affluent world, and will work hard every day to make this a reality.

We look forward to your continuing support as we take on the challenges ahead in this new phase of DHC’s evolution.

Shigeo Takatani
Chairman & CEO
DHC Corporation
熬J 成夫
Midori Miyazaki
President & Chief Operating Officer
DHC Corporation
宮 緑
Hiroyuki Odaka
Executive Vice President
DHC Corporation
小高 弘行