DHC by the numbers

  • Among producers of health foods

    No.1by market share*1

    *1("H.B.Foods Marketing Handbook 2021 Vol.2", Fuji Keizai)

    According to the "H.B.Foods Marketing Handbook 2021 Vol.2", Fuji Keizai, which analyzes the market for foods consumed for health and beauty purposes (health foods) by properties and effects, DHC holds the top market share in 25 categories.

    • œ Diet Category Market Share
    • œ Anemia Prevention and Improvement Category Market Share
    • œ Nutrition and Revitalization Supplements
    • œ Liver Function Improvement Supplements
    • œ Beauty Supplements
    • œ Intestinal Supplements
    • œ Meal Replacement Diet Supplements
    • œ Other Diet Supplements
    • œ Other Lifestyle-Related Disease Prevention Supplements
    • œ Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Supplements
    • œ Blood Circulation Supplements
    • œ Immune Activation Supplements
    • œ Bone/Joint/Muscle Support Supplements
    • œ Anemia Prevention and Improvement Supplements
    • œ Oral Care Supplements
    • œ Hormonal Balance Supplements
    • œ Relaxation and Sleep Aid Supplements
    • œ Green Charge Supplements
    • œ Hem Iron Supplements
    • œ Astaxanthin Supplements
    • œ Gymnema Acid Supplements
    • œ Multi Vitamin Supplements
    • œ St. John's Wort Supplements
    • œ Vegetable Grain Supplements
    • œ Relaxation Supplements
  • Number of members

    More than 15.64million*2

    *2 (as of August 1, 2022)

    DHC's ever-growing membership base is evidence of strong support among its customers. DHC has earned the loyalty of a wide range of customers across all generations and lifestyles.

  • Number of dealers across Japan

    More than 72,708*3

    *3 (as of January 20, 2020)

    Customers can sample and purchase DHC products at a wide range of retailers suited to their individual lifestyles, including direct management stores, convenience stores, drug stores, major supermarkets, and more.

  • Total sales of Olive Sube-Sube series

    More than 370million units*4

    *4 (Total series sales from January 1993 through November 2020, including collaborative products)

    The Olive Sube-Sube series, the basis of DHC skin care and our most popular skincare series, makes full use of the power of olives and other plants.

  • DHC Olive Virgin Oil

    A40-year best-seller*5

    *5 (as of 2020)

    DHC Olive Virgin Oil is a beauty essence rich in natural beauty ingredients. The 100% natural beauty essence has won the support of countless loyal customers since its introduction in 1980.

  • Medicated Q series boasts

    96.4% satisfaction*6

    *6 (2019 DHC Internet survey: n = 2,308)

    The Medicated Q series is rich in coenzyme Q10 and other beautifying ingredients. Many customers choose it because it contains 10 times the coenzyme Q10 of other products (based on DHC's internal data), a result of sustained research and development efforts over six years.

  • Number of qualified medical personnel on staff


    *7 (as of February 3, 2020)

    DHC employees include numerous qualified medical personnel, who play active roles in various areas, including research and development and helpdesk services. We have also established four special-purpose helpdesks staffed by full-time physicians, pharmacists, senior nutritionists, and other experts who can offer a wealth of clinical experience, advice, and follow-up services.

  • Number of health food products offered


    *8 (as of January 31, 2020) (including pet supplements)

    As one of Japan's largest health food companies, DHC has assembled a wide-ranging product line to support healthy lifestyles.

  • DHC Protein Diet

    A weight loss success rate of95.5“*9

    *9 Percentage of subjects reporting weight loss of 0.1 kg or more since starting the diet, based on reports from 112 subjects (male and female, ages 24-58) who replaced 1-2 meals/day with DHC Protein Diet products for three months in 2015-2017.

    DHC Protein Diet is a best-selling meal replacement product based on a single-meal replacement strategy that promotes healthy, stress-free dieting.

  • DHC Deep Sea Water sourced from Japan's deepest water wells

    800meters below sea level

    *10 Among 15 deep sea water wells located on land (based on a survey on the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society website, as of February 2017)

    DHC Deep Sea Water is sourced exclusively from Japan's deepest*10 water wells, located 800 meters below sea level along Izu's Akazawa coast. DHC is the unique private-sector company to handle all aspects of the production of its deep sea water, including sourcing, processing, and bottling, at its own plant.

  • An apparel and lingerie lineup

    More than11,200items*11

    *11 (as of January 31, 2020)

    DHC introduces new products every month to reflect current trends and customer needs. Our lineup offers a dazzling array of sizes and colors.

  • Akazawa Onsen Village

    240,000square meters

    Located on a vast site of 240,000 square meters, Akazawa Onsen Village features state-of-the-art facilities for the enjoyment of all guests. This outstanding entertainment resort promises guests a new and enjoyable experience each time they visit.

  • Total clients of the translation and interpretation business

    More than10,000companies

    Since launching its translation and interpretation business in 1972, DHC has followed through on its vision of delivering accurate and idiomatic translation and interpretation services with rapid turnaround times and affordable pricing. This approach, along with the high quality of our services, has resonated with clients, whose numbers have grown to more than 10,000 companies as of February 2020.

  • Sales of pet supplements


    *12 No. 1 in Health Supplement Mail Order Market Share\"Handbook of Pet Related Market 2020", Fuji Keizai (based on the total sales of the product category in 2019)

    The trust and track record built by DHC based on its reputation within the health food industry have helped it achieve the top position in sales of pet supplements.

  • Providing translation services in

    44 languages

    Across a wide range of languages, subjects, and document types, DHC assigns translation projects to specialists in their individual fields. In keeping with our uncompromising quality standards, we deliver accurate and natural-sounding translations that incorporate extensive revisions and client feedback.

  • Languages

    English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Korean, Arabian, Eastern European languages, Scandinavian languages, Southeast Asian languages (44 languages in total)


    Computers, machinery, health/medicine, electronics, electrical, telecommunications, semiconductors, automotive, finance, economics, construction, science, nuclear power, aeronautics, military/defense, steel, metals, law, sports, and arts