Apparel, Lingerie

A wide range of affordable apparel and lingerie

DHC has developed a line of apparel and lingerie so that women who care about their beauty and health can approach each day looking and feeling their best. Through the magazine DHC Style, DHC sells its original-brand apparel items, with their emphasis on materials, function, silhouette, and comfort. DHC provides a broad lineup of high-quality fashion apparel, with a special focus on casual wear and body-flattering lingerie, all at affordable prices.



Apparel, Lingerie

DHC Style apparel catalog

This mail-order catalog contains fashion items and practical, attractive lingerie carefully selected by DHC. The product lineup includes fashion products in a wide range of colors and sizes, a series of slimming compression legwear products, functional brassieres and support undergarments, and other useful products only DHC can offer.

Apparel, Lingerie