Our business

Some 35 years ago, when cosmetics produced with chemical and artificial ingredients were the order of the day, DHC was among the first companies to explore the healing powers and skin compatibility of natural ingredients. These efforts led to the development of DHC Olive Virgin Oil, a beauty essence made of 100% natural ingredients.

Since then, DHC has developed and delivered to customers a succession of natural cosmetics that emphasize gentleness to the skin and functional performance.

In the field of health foods, DHC became the leader in mail-order sales a mere seven years after entering the industry. We have accomplished this by repeatedly challenging industry convention and delivering excellent value at reasonable prices. The major driving forces behind DHC’s continued growth include a product lineup based on innovative ideas and exacting quality control. With 15.01 million registered users as of April 1, 2020, DHC has established a solid position as Japan’s leading seller of cosmetics and health foods* for 20 consecutive years.

* Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun (Direct Marketing News & Data) mail order, distance learning, e-commerce sales ranking, January 1, 2019

Growth driven by innovative ideas, high-quality products, and unique systems

unique systems

Since no one knows DHC products better than DHC itself, nearly all our processes are handled in house. This includes basic research, product development, and manufacturing; distinctive and original package design and promotional activities to communicate the benefits of our products and services; and order handling and shipping via a proprietary system that ensures prompt delivery to customers.

Beyond this, we train specialists to provide follow-up support after products have been delivered and to offer a wide range of consultation services, thus ensuring our customers receive a level of attention unsurpassed in the industry.

Research, product development, and quality control

With state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding specialist staff, DHC’s laboratories undertake a broad range of basic research activities and seek to develop products with an emphasis on safety and efficacy. Every day, researchers use innovative methods to better realize the products that customers really want. Ranging from the selection of raw materials to ingredient composition and packaging, each process is a reflection of our meticulous and thoroughgoing approach. In this way, DHC is able to deliver to its customers products of the highest quality and consistency.


DHC operates three company-owned plants in Japan. The Naganuma Plant in Hokkaido, a plant certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP), mainly produces DHC Germinated Rice. The Iwatsuki Plant in Saitama Prefecture produces skincare products, including the DHC Super Collagen Series. The Akazawa Plant in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is directly linked to its water source, produces DHC Deep Sea Water. Each plant focuses on producing safe, reliable products based on DHC’s strict quality standards and comprehensive quality control systems.

Package design

Attractive package design is invaluable because it serves as the public face of DHC’s products. Our package design staff works closely with planning and research sections to design, name, and devise slogans for products that reflect DHC’s unique vision of product design and planning. To show our products to best effect, we are constantly striving to develop expressive package designs based on our product concepts, target markets, and other considerations.

Sales promotion and marketing

DHC engages in a wide range of promotional activities, including the publication of our famous newsletter-style catalogs as well as newspaper and television advertising, direct mail, and event sponsorships. Our marketing staff strives to communicate the appeal of our products through timely and original information campaigns. DHC also pursues a wide range of other publicity activities to help consumers learn more about the company and our efforts to contribute to society.

Order handling and shipping

DHC provides customers tremendous flexibility when it comes to ordering products, including 24-hour telephone orders with operator assistance, automated telephone orders, online orders, and even fax orders. DHC has established in-house systems to handle most of its operations, from order receipt to shipping, allowing it to deliver products to customers quickly and reliably. Also, to ensure the integrity of customer information, DHC internally maintains its own databases.

Follow-up service

Qualified consultants, including 10 physicians, 11 pharmacists, and 9 nutritionists, provide easy-to-understand advice on topics such as recommended supplements and drugs for individual health concerns and interactions between drugs, foods, and supplements. In addition, beauty consultants with extensive knowledge of all DHC products offer customer consultations and respond to product inquiries. These professionals provide the unparalleled, attentive service that has earned DHC the trust of its customers.


DHC operates an expanding network of directly operated stores across Japan where customers can view, sample, and purchase the products that interest them most. These unique stores provide the same attentive service offered by DHC’s mail-order business. DHC has also developed a diverse range of other sales channels, including convenience stores, drugstores, and major supermarkets. In addition, DHC employs unique sales activities that differ somewhat from mail order, including the development of products exclusively for in-store sales, thus making DHC products familiar to a wider range of customers.


Gentleness to skin and dependable quality

DHC's cosmetics are developed based on the concept of producing effective products that are easy on the skin, products that anyone can use with peace of mind. Our product lines focus on natural treatments that incorporate ingredients drawn from nature, minimizing the use of ingredients that might irritate the skin.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil, a product that could be described as the starting point for DHC, embodies this approach. This 100% natural beauty essence consists entirely of rare, precious flor de aceite (flower of olive oil) harvested from organic olives grown in Spain.

In recent years, DHC has enhanced its lineup of high-performance items containing ingredients based on the latest findings from dermatological science. This approach has led to revolutionary new products that meet today's needs in the constantly changing cosmetics industry.

DHC remains dedicated to delivering skincare products that DHC alone can provide.

99.4% customer satisfaction*1

The Olive Sube-Sube Series of olive-based products lies at the heart of DHC skincare. Our most popular skincare line,*2 the Olive Sube-Sube Series maximizes the power of the olive and other plants to make skin stronger and more beautiful.

  • *1 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil customer satisfaction (2010 DHC Internet survey; n = 6,085)
  • *2 Based on total DHC series sales volume

A 39-year best seller

DHC Olive Virgin Oil is a beauty oil rich in natural ingredients that contribute to beautiful skin. With a composition that closely resembles that of naturally occurring sebum, it forms a natural layer that gently protects the skin.

Total sales More than 24 million units*3

The Medicated Q® Series includes proven medicated ingredients in addition to coenzyme Q10—known for keeping skin moist, firm, and beautiful—and other ingredients that help beautify skin. Six years of research and development has resulted in a coenzyme Q10 with 10-fold increase in concentration over the 0.03% found in earlier cosmetics.*4 The resulting product makes small wrinkles from dry skin less visible*5 and helps achieve toned, resilient skin. With a remarkable 98.8% customer satisfaction rate*6 and total sales exceeding 24 million units to date, the Medicated Q Series has proven a resounding success.

  • *Medicated Q is a registered DHC trademark.
  • *3 Combined total for DHC Medicated Q Series (January 14, 2010 – December 31, 2018)
  • *4 Compared to previous DHC products
  • *5 Benefits evaluated through testing. Not including Medicated Q Washing Cream, Medicated Q Soap, Medicated Q Pack Sheet, Medicated Q Quick Gel Moist & Whitening, and Medicated Q Suncut UV.
  • *6 Based on DHC survey (n = 5,663)

A diverse lineup of products based on natural ingredients and the latest research results


In addition to various families of products that feature particular ingredients for specific purposes, such as aging care and whitening, DHC's skincare lineup features a full line of additional items tailored to address specific skin concerns and skin types, giving individuals the tools needed to create original skincare programs suited to their specific needs.


As makeup that also treats the skin, DHC's easy-to-use makeup products take advantage of the DHC skincare concept and are designed to resist sweat, sebum, clumping, and spotting. Their features, including coloring designed to match specific skin colors and textures, have won a broad base of support among women.

Body care and baby care

Featuring bath products, products designed to treat dry skin or promote fresh and smooth skin, and other products, DHC's full range of body care products also includes complete programs to help achieve the ideal body. The baby care line features low levels of skin irritation and provides treatment gentle to sensitive baby skin.

Hair care

DHC's hair care lineup includes shampoo and treatments for specific needs, including care for damaged hair and scalp care, as well as anti-aging care products for a more youthful look. These products use effective blends of plant-based ingredients to keep hair and scalp in top health.

Men's care

Made to meet the needs of different age groups and individual skin types, DHC’s wide range of men’s care products focuses on men’s concerns such as drying skin, signs of aging, body odor, and hair loss, among which the DHC MEN series delivers both anti-aging care and effective deodorization in simple steps.

Aromas and fragrances

DHC offers an extensive lineup of essential oils and aroma oils created from the highest-quality ingredients shipped directly from farmers. The sophisticated scent of its eau de toilette reflects a careful balance drawn between fragrance and ease of use.

Health Foods

One of Japan's largest product lineups, with 531 products*

Based on the idea of delivering only those products that offer a clear edge over competitors, whether through equal quality at lower cost or higher quality at equal cost, DHC health foods offer unmatched quality, content, safety, and pricing.

As one of Japan's largest health foods companies, DHC supports healthy daily living through 536 health foods products* that defy the conventional notion that effective health foods must also be expensive.

* As of January 31, 2020. Including pet supplements.

DHC's policies

DHC is seeking to implement policies and systems, including the DHC Health Foods Helpdesk, that support customers and help ensure the delivery of safe and effective health foods.

High quality
Delivering the safest, highest-quality products

Beyond inspections of raw materials and finished products, DHC repeatedly and rigorously inspects intermediate products in process and products delivered to customers. It constantly seeks to improve its formulas to offer the most effective products on the market. In these and other ways, DHC ensures that its products deliver the highest quality possible.

Low price
Strict safety standards and a reliable support system

DHC has established its own DHC Safety Standards, which prohibit the use of ingredients from sources that have not been verified for safety. These standards ensure DHC uses only carefully selected ingredients. DHC also manufactures all its products in Japanese factories that meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)* standards—yet another way that product safety is ensured.

* Good manufacturing practices (GMP) for drugs and other products.
Safety system
High volumes mean lower cost

DHC is able to offer low prices because it purchases raw materials in bulk, manufactures products in high volume, and minimizes intermediate costs through its mail-order system. Harnessing the economies of scale made possible by its 14.87 million customers,* DHC strives to realize affordable prices every day.

* As of November 1, 2019.

Health functional foods by purpose


From the basic 30-Day Supply series through the easy-to-use 15-Day and 20-Day Supply series and the affordable 60-Day and 90-Day Supply series, DHC offers a broad-ranging lineup of supplements from which customers can choose based on their needs and lifestyles.

DHC Dieting Program to support healthy diets

Protein Diet

These meal replacements supplement the protein, vitamins, and minerals dieters often miss, while making it easier for them to control calories.

Diet supplements

This wide-ranging lineup of diet supplements helps individuals meet their personal goals while providing powerful support to those who want to diet effectively.

Diet support

These tempting food products help control calorie intake while providing the nutrients needed to satisfy mind and body.

DHC Canine Series keeps your pet healthy

DHC developed its canine series of products to help pet owners give their cherished companions the longest, healthiest lives possible. Since the introduction of its first canine supplement in March 2007, DHC has introduced a series of health foods and care supplies for pets, including gelatin products and pet treats. The full lineup of high-quality, affordable products has won the support across the country.

No. 1 in mail-order sales*

*Source: "Handbook of Pet Related Market 2019," Fuji Keizai (Based on the total sales of the product category in 2018)
DHC focuses on the following priorities to maintain the health of your pet
  1. No added salt
  2. Shapes and sizes that dogs find easy to eat
  3. Highly safe ingredients
  4. Flavors that pets prefer
  5. No added flavorings, colorings, or preservatives
  6. Produced in Japan for reliability, with all ingredients labeled
Supporting assistance dogs as a CSR activity

DHC supports the activities of the Assistance Dog Network, which, based on our philosophy of support by and for the public, is supported without government funding and through the goodwill of volunteers and companies. DHC has supported its service dog training program since April 2009, promoting access to service dogs for those who need them through various initiatives, including donation boxes set up in stores operated directly by DHC.

Pharmaceuticals Business

Striving to serve as a total healthcare provider through the manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals

DHC helps improve quality of life so people can lead healthy, active lives in today's aging society. DHC also provides the means to allow people to maintain their health independently. To deliver drugs to those who need them at any time and any place, with both safety and peace of mind, DHC's pharmaceuticals are produced under strict manufacturing and quality controls and are supplied only by responsible, professional pharmacists.

Advanced quality and product control systems based on good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) refer to global safety standards that set requirements for control and compliance during manufacture to ensure the safety and quality of drugs, quasi-drugs, and other products. Having already met GMP requirements for drugs in connection with its handling of health foods, DHC has established even more rigorous controls for the manufacture and sale of drugs and quasi-drugs. All steps, from the selection of packaging materials through pre-shipment inspections, take place under pharmacist supervision.

Genetics business

Individual support for health and beauty at the genetic level

DHC sells Genetic Testing Kits that combine advanced, world-leading research results with DHC's own expertise to enable easy home testing. Test results based on scientific evidence and a reliable support structure managed by specialists are used to suggest optimal supplements, exercise, diet, and other solutions suited to the needs of each individual.

Fine Foods

Safe, delicious food to enliven everyday meals

Responding to the rising demand for healthy daily fare, DHC Fine Foods are made from carefully selected high-quality materials, free of artificial flavorings or chemical additives. From staples like Germinated Rice to side dishes, seasonings, beverages and snacks, and water, a fundamental source of human health, all DHC food products are made with a special emphasis on taste and health.

DHC Deep Sea Water

Exclusively sourced from Japan's deepest water wells,* located 800 meters below sea level along Izu's Akazawa coast, DHC Deep Sea Water is deliciously refreshing, gulp after gulp. DHC is the first private-sector company to handle all aspects of the production of its deep sea water, including sourcing, processing, and bottling at its own plant.

* Among 15 deep sea water wells located on land (based on a survey on the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society website, as of February 2017)

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By definition, extra virgin olive oil is the first pressing of oil harvested and processed according to specified methods to maintain its fresh, natural flavor and resistance to oxidation. Núñez de Prado is premium-grade extra virgin olive oils made from organic olives grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or chemicals.

Organic seal

A seal of authentication from the EU's Andalusian Committee for Organic Farming (CAAE), awarded to organic produce and products made from produce meeting the strictest standards.

Apparel, Lingerie

A wide range of affordable Apparel and lingerie

DHC has developed a line of apparel and lingerie so that women who care about their beauty and health can approach each day looking and feeling their best. Through the magazine DHC Style, DHC sells its original-brand apparel items, with their emphasis on materials, function, silhouette, and comfort. DHC provides a broad lineup of high-quality fashion apparel, with a special focus on casual wear and body-flattering lingerie, all at affordable prices.


Akazawa Onsen Village and Karatsu Seaside Hotel for beauty, health, and relaxation

DHC has developed spa resorts emphasizing beauty, health, and relaxation in the Izu Highlands of Shizuoka Prefecture and the city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture.

In the Izu Highlands, Akazawa Onsen Village offers a combination of facilities where guests can enjoy hot springs, delicious cuisine, recreation, beauty services, and opportunities for relaxation to their heart's content. Karatsu Seaside Hotel opened in 2015. Set amid attractive locations surrounded by the sea and natural greenery, both facilities deliver dedicated hospitality and remarkably satisfying service.


Launched in 2008, DHC's helicopter business provides a wide range of services, including aerial photography and videography, event tours, fuselage repairs, and charter flights. Flights are based at Tokyo Heliport in Shin-Kiba, Koto Ward, Tokyo. DHC has also established a heliport for Yokohama that can be used day or night, without the usual restrictions on flight schedules. DHC's helicopter services are ideal for making effective use of business hours as well as enjoying out-of-the-ordinary experiences off the clock. In 2016, DHC became the first helicopter service to introduce aerial photography services using drones.

Translation and Interpretation

Translation and interpretation business

As one of Japan's leading translation and interpretation firms, DHC's comprehensive document services have earned the trust of countless clients. Backed by more than 1,200 staff members, including translators, native-speaker rewriters, bilingual checkers, and technical writers, the Translation and Interpretation Division provides services in 44 languages. Backed by over 40 years of business translation experience, DHC has provided more than 10,000 clients with translation and interpretation services of unmatched speed and accuracy.

Publishing business

DHC provides the knowledge and expertise accumulated through its translation, interpretation, and English education activities through publications that meet the needs of readers in three major product areas: dictionaries and language books; books in translation; and general publications. Its goal is to publish works that embody the power and imagination needed to transform English language learning in Japan.
To create opportunities for the practical development of skilled, capable translators, DHC also acquires the rights to translate overseas bestsellers, debuting numerous new translators in the process.

Education business

Based on its history as a leader in the translation industry, DHC provides an expansive lineup of distance-learning courses, ranging from practical business English to complete translation courses. Developed over considerable time and at significant expense, its store of teaching materials makes it possible to offer these courses and a full range of follow-up services at affordable fees. Students who complete these courses go on to work as professional translators or in professions where they can apply their language abilities. These courses are also used by more than 500 companies as materials for education and employee training.

Long-term care

The main focus of the long-term care business is day care services. Since the first Smile Garden day-care service facility opened in Takashimadaira in 2010, the number of facilities has increased to four (all located in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward) with the addition of the Kami-Itabashi, Oyama, and Ukima-Funado locations. Based on a theme of “health and healing” and focusing on rehabilitation and relaxation, Smile Garden is a place known for its bright atmosphere and the smiles of both users and staff. Plans call for opening a fifth day-care service facility in 2018, together with the launch of in-home long-term care support services and small-scale multifunctional in-home long-term care services as new businesses.