• Sales channel

Sales channel

Convenience Stores, Drug Stores

Developing diverse sales channels, including mass merchandisers and drug stores

Long a challenger of conventions governing the cosmetics business, DHC has taken the revolutionary approach of selling its products in convenience stores. It has also expanded its sales network to include mass merchandisers, drug stores, and variety stores, earning a strong reputation for products in categories including skincare, makeup, men's skincare, and health foods while focusing on developing products suited to each sales channel.
Today, DHC's products are sold in more than 68,000 stores across Japan.


An expanding network of direct management stores across Japan where customers can view, sample, and purchase DHC products

DHC's direct management stores meet the needs of customers who want to try out products before buying. These stores provide the attentive service only direct management stores can deliver, with specialist advisors on hand to address concerns and questions about beauty and health. DHC strives in its stores to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable and familiar to both first-time customers and long-time fans.
DHC has continued to expand its network of direct management stores since opening its first in 2003. The number of direct management stores in January 2019 stood at 229, creating an increasingly familiar real-world presence for a company whose mission is to support health and beauty.

DHC opened DOTON PLAZA Osaka, our very first DHC Tax-Free store, in April 2017. With POP displays in multiple languages and multilingual staff, DOTON PLAZA Osaka welcomes guests from around the world with a wide array of bestselling items.

Mail Order

Providing today's customers with a full range of ordering methods

DHC gives its customers a full range of ordering options, each suited to specific needs and lifestyles. These include 24-hour toll-free telephone ordering with operator assistance, toll-free automated telephone ordering, and ordering by fax.
In addition, DHC Online Store accepts orders from personal computers, smartphones, and standard mobile phones, providing a full range of content covering every aspect of DHC, including information on promotions. DHC Online Store has proven popular with an ever increasing number of users.

Selected products are available at "DHC Japan Official Online Store" in English.

DHC also sells products as "DHC海外旗艦店" (DHC overseas flagship store) at many cross-border EC in China.

Innovative advertising and promotions

DHC designs and organizes its own unique brand of advertising and promotional activities, including television commercials, newspaper and magazine advertising, free samples, direct mail, and event sponsorships to maximize the profile of its products among prospective customers.


As it grows its business globally, DHC is expanding its sales network overseas.


Founded in 1995, DHC USA, Inc. launched mail-order skincare and makeup product sales in 1997. Today, it sells products through catalogs and online and provides dealer support services. In the U.S.A., DHC is becoming an increasingly popular brand known for its high-quality products.



Founded in 1995, DHC Taiwan, Inc. launched mail-order sales of cosmetics in 1999 and health foods in 2003. Today, with its expanding network of stores in Taiwan, DHC Taiwan is strengthening its brand recognition as a company known for products that promote health and beauty. In 2016, DHC Taiwan launched sales in the Hong Kong market.

South Korea

Founded in 2002, DHC Korea, Inc. drew considerable attention when it launched sales of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. In 2003, DHC Korea began selling health foods. The brand is preferred by many customers for its high quality, reasonable price, and heartfelt service, all of which have garnered a series of prestigious awards.



Founded in 2003, Shanghai DHC Commerce Co., Ltd. began mail-order sales in 2005. Since then, a skincare philosophy that emphasizes natural ingredients and high quality has drawn growing numbers of registered users. Starting with its first store in 2007, it also operates retail stores. In December 2014, the total number of stores, including dealers, surpassed 1,000 locations.


Shanghai DHC

Opened in 2006, DHC UK, Ltd. launched mail-order skincare and makeup product sales in 2007. Today, it sells products online and provides dealer support services in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. DHC is also gaining widespread recognition for its high-quality products.

International distributors

Shanghai DHC

DHC sells products through distributors around the world in cooperation and partnership with firms that have expertise in local markets. We are currently broadening the market for quality beauty and health products from Japan, chiefly in Southeast Asia.

[Date sales began]
Singapore / Watson’s Personal Care Stores Pte. Ltd. :November 2009
Cambodia / M.I.J. Trading Co., Ltd. :March 2012
Thailand / Arata (Thailand) Co., Ltd. :April 2015
Vietnam / Belie Joint Stock Company :December 2017
Malaysia / AirAsia Berhad, Inc. :June 2018
Guatemala / Belleza Activa, Ltd. :July 2018
Georgia / LLC Ahiles :July 2019
Australia / Cosmax Prestige Brands, Ltd. :July 2019
Indonesia / PT Social Bella Indonesia, Ltd. :August 2019
United Arab Emirates / Bella Beauty FZE :October 2019
Russia / Invero Trading Co., Ltd. :February 2020

Affiliate companies

Expanding into diverse fields beyond cosmetics and health foods


Akazawa Fisheries Co., Ltd. was established in December 2003. Located in the port of Akazawa in Izu, Akazawa Fisheries delivers fresh seafood to guests at Akazawa Onsen Village. At one of the 14 major fixed-net fishing grounds in Shizuoka Prefecture, it employs traditional Japanese fixed-net fishing methods based on a commitment to sustainable fisheries and minimal environmental impact. The operation averages an annual catch of 330,000 tons.


DHC Shuzo Co., Ltd. (formerly DHC Oguro Shuzo) began operating in August 2014. Located northeast in Niigata Plain, DHC Shuzo brews Japanese sake using mainly local sake rice varieties such as Koshitanrei and Gohyakumangoku. The brewery seeks to brew the ultimate sake under optimal conditions matched to the quality of the rice used, which varies slightly from one batch to another, and the characteristics of the koji and yeast.


DHC Television Co., Ltd. (formerly DHC Theater) began operating in January 2015. DHC TV produces and broadcasts, via the Internet and on broadcast satellite and terrestrial broadcasting channels, programming across a wide range of genres (chiefly news and commentary) as a media outlet with a focus on delivering the facts. DHC also broadcasts programs under the supervision of DHC corporate advisor Seika Kamohara and DHC’s consulting offices on beauty and health foods.


DHC Beer Co., Ltd. launched in June 2015. DHC Beer brews beer using 100% malt grain and water drawn from aquifers below Mt. Fuji, with the goal of achieving flavors that reflect the character of the ingredients. Through scrupulous quality control and comprehensive temperature control from chilled distribution to delivery, DHC Beer delivers fresh-brewed flavors in a product that customers can rely on.


Cross FM Co., Ltd. a member of the DHC Group, began operating in May 2016. Based in the Kyushu city of Fukuoka, this popular FM radio station is part of a network that includes J-WAVE (Tokyo) and FM802 (Osaka). Thanks to its unique programming and coverage of a wide range of live events, among other activities, it has attracted attention among listeners not just in northern Kyushu, but across Japan via the radiko app.


Dendenmushi Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016. This general advertising agency handles a wide range of advertising, primarily in television, but also including radio, digital, outdoor advertising, newspapers, magazines, and other media. Based on its motto of “Devotion to the client,” it strives to deliver ever-improving services to its advertising clients.